A recap of teaching at Penssic 44

Teaching at this year’s Pennsic was both a little bitter and a little sweet. I was set to teach 4 classes ( 2 brewing and 2 puppets).

My first class- A History of Drinking- Filled up for the 4th year in a row. Every really seemed to enjoy it, the information, and the samples. 2 of the students enjoyed it so much; they came back to my other brewing class to drop off bottles of wine and ale as a thank you.

While teaching, I am incredibly active…I never stand still, I move around, I demonstrate, I talk with my hands, I make eye contact, and I have even been told I bounce a bit. After Tuesday (when I got intimately introduced to a ballista) it was painful to walk, and I have to re-evaluate the remainder of my teaching schedule I found an assistant to help me carry items and pass out samples for my second brewing class ( Humors in brewing), so I figured I could make it through that one fairly easy. I ended up cancelling the 2 puppet classes because if it hurt to simply put pressure on my thigh through walking, I could only imagine how horrible it would be to try to teach an already active and physically demanding couple of puppet classes. I was looking forward to the class, so it was a bitter moment.

My Humors in brewing is often the hardest class to teach, but it is also one of my favorite subjects. The subject itself is DRY (pun intended) and I hate putting people to sleep in classes. Therefore, when I got a message from another brewer this morning, letting me know it was his favorite class he took all war, I was thrilled! It was also hard to teach as by the time the class rolled around ( Thursday Evening) I had full on bronchitis… Luckily I kept using myself as an example, and even figured out the humors of Chicken soip and peanut butter and jelly.


  • Brewing Class Excellence 2
  • Puppet Fail- 2
  • Ballista- 1

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