A “10%” Upgrade to My Persona

A lot of my friends who do medieval reenactment like to spend the winter month’s upgrading their kits…or at least planning to upgrade their kits.

I am the person who has a tendency to fall into the 2nd camp. I have great intentions BUT I end up making Halloween costumes, then holiday gifts, then I start prepping for Gulf Wars and well before you know it I am in camping season again and nothing has improved.

One of my best friends, His Lordship Justice McArtain posted a challenge to try to upgrade your kit 10%… Luckily for me, IF I can get everything on my list done it will be a 90% upgrade to my persona. Since I was already on the improvement track for my November pilgrimage, I went ahead and joined in.

My list of items for his 10% challenge comes straight out of things a medieval person should have on a pilgrimage. This list will probably be reposted a million times as I work on things. I figured the best way to keep track (and on track) is to do weekly updates every Monday on my status.

As I start my first “Monday Update” I realize exactly how much I am relying on friends for help… I am also realizing I have a lot of friends and all of them are very talented.

  • Period appropriate water bottle – Not started
  • Period first aid kit – Baroness Brigit, a fabulous aroma-therapist, is going to research some period salves that could be helpful and would be used by a medieval women in Europe during the 14th century.
  • Period fire making devises ( candle, flint, steel and charcloth, fatwood, torches(wax soaked pieces of rope) )- Still the most worried about this one. Started asking around to beekeepers for beeswax..I have regular beeswax at home, so I might just make things from that instead of the honey comb/wax.
  • Period outfit – Researching tonight
  • Period boots – This will be the final one- JIC I run out of time
  • Period Cloak or jacket- I HATE cloaks, and I know I should make one BUT I think I am going to make a wool over dress instead. I will use a bed roll tied with rope for the blanket instead of a cloak.
  • Appropriate headgear – Starting to research tonight.
  • Period Bag- Requested books from the library
  • Period Bed roll- Looking for good wool to use either as blanket or ground covering. Will make leather straps with buckles to keep it closed and on my back.
  • Appropriate Knife- I started this one first. With just about 6 weeks to go I am cutting it close for a universal knife that will be helpful on a pilgrimage, sharp enough to cut meet, and would be appropriate for a 14th century lady. As I don’t have any blacksmith skills I decided to go to one of my favorite blacksmiths- Tinker’s Fire . He makes ALL of my cast iron items for my camp. He is reliable, good, reasonably priced, and a good friend. I cannot recommend him enough.
  • Rope- Just need to purchase.
  • Bowl/Spoon- Another to do research… I also need to look for ones that can possible double as cookware.
  • Preserved Food- Will be dehydrating some apples, and need to start research ideas.

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