Don’t forget the walking aspect of a pilgrimage

Research is going at warp speed; items I can’t make have been commissioned, additional books have been requested through the library, and fabric has been pulled. However there is one very important thing I have not addressed so far.

On average I walk about 2 miles per day… I know this as my fitbit tells me so.

Yes I know we all end up walking more at events, and even more so at larger wars like Pennsic and Gulf Wars. However we don’t spend the majority of the day constantly walking or hiking.

If I want to walk a 10 mile pilgrimage in 5 weeks and 4 days ( eek!!!) then I need to add a little bit of walking into my daily schedules. (Historical fact, the pilgrimage from Southwark to Canterbury from the Canterbury Tales is somewhere in the 55-60 miles mark)

Slide 1Luckily for me Cleveland is filled with walking trails and parks, even in the most urban areas of the city. I headed to my closest park- Forest Hills Park and did a little jaunt around to get the lay of the land (and to ease myself into walking). This first time around I basically stayed on the paved paths. Now that I have a map of the walking trails and a better idea of the park, the location of the emergency call boxes, and a better idea of where to park ( Park on the Cleveland Heights side NOT on the East Cleveland side), I will start to explore off of the paved paths.

IMG_3999Why off of the paved paths? Because when I got a pilgrimaging I will most likely NOT be walking on a nicely paved path. If there is going to be any path at all it will most likely be a dirt path or even a deer path. I need to start getting used to walking on different terrains and different inclines.

Even though I was listening to an audiobook while walking, my mind got wandering about this upcoming project. I started to go over the list of things I still need to do, practice, make, or barter for. I figured out I should probably get all the stuff together that I want to put in my pack before making my pack; this way I don’t make it too big or too small. A simple and logical thought, but one I had not had before. Some might say a bigger bag is better, but personally I don’t want something larger than it needs to be due to the added weight and bulk.

IMG_3998I know that I should be walking in the shoes that I will be walking in, but I don’t know if I am making a new set or using the ones I currently have. If I am not using my current shoes, I really don’t want to wear them out. I figured I would get use to walking first and then start adding in the period shoes the last week of October.

While walking I also realized that I wasn’t carrying anything, and this will definitely change the way someone would walk the trip. Once I have my pack or bedroll ready I will start to walk with them to get use to their weight and size. Best part of this, is I might just look crazy enough to keep the other crazy people away.

IMG_4001The most important thing I learned from my first 2 mile hike, I need better socks! Oh My God! Yes I was wearing new tennis shoes (I didn’t own any tennis shoes and I really did not want to walk around in my work heels), but the light socks I had on were just not enough. By the end of the walk the back of my ankles were killing me and my feet were sore. Honestly I am surprised that my blisters were not worse this morning (I think that had to do with the fact that I walked around barefoot once I got home).

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