26 days and counting…..

As I start my first “Monday Update” I realize exactly how much I am relying on friends for help… I am also realizing I have a lot of friends and all of them are very talented.

  • Period appropriate water bottle – Not started
  • Period first aid kit – Being done by Baroness Brigid.
  • Period fire making devises ( candle, flint, steel and charcloth, fatwood, torches(wax soaked pieces of rope) )- On the schedule for next week
  • Period outfit – Fabric purchased, washed, and will be started tonight
  • Period boots – This will be the final one- JIC I run out of time
  • Period Cloak or jacket- Got the most beautiful wool while in Chicago. Will start on it this week
  • Appropriate headgear – On the list of items to do this week. Making an Angora Bycockett out of Fizz
  • Period Bag- Requested books from the library
  • Period Bed roll- Picked up a nice piece of wool in Chicago…however I think I might take my bright orange wool blankets as they are a lot tighter weave and warmer, and it is getting colder out.
  • Appropriate Knife- Requested research items from library and friends are working on this
  • Rope- Just need to purchase.
  • Bowl/Spoon- Started to research and will get some one on one instruction this weekend.
  • Preserved Food- One set of dried apples done, next up salting some lemons.

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