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Generic Research Tools

The “Big W”: The “W” stands for why, when, where, and all the other questions you need to answer when doing research in the SCA. Use these handouts when you start to research to help keep you organized, to keep track of the important notes, and help you to see where you need to go.

Research 101-Intro to Research: It’s all about the breadcrumbs.

An intro hands on class that covers how easy (and fun) research can be. Follow the breadcrumbs along with the powerpoint as it researches “Medieval Rattles”. Breadcrumbs are random pieces of information that can lead you backward to a primary source.

Documentation Checklists for the Midrealm

A simple sheet to help make sure you have everything from the criteria included in your documentation. The point of these is to have a simple way to make sure you don’t forget anything. The scoring on the right hand side is there only so you can have a better gauge of the possible points you might receive.

Check off each item you have included in your documentation ( or able to speak upon during the face to face judging). In order to get the point in the right hand column, you must have all the boxes left of it check-marked.

These are unofficial guides only. Please visit the Midrealm Criteria and Rule page for official information.  I make these guides as I personally need them either for entries or for judging. If there is not one listed and you would like one, please email me.

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