Inns & Campaign Cooking

The Gausthaus kitchen can be found at events and wars throughout the known world and has shown up at past Lillies, Gulf, and Pennsic Wars. It is the goal of the Gausthaus to offer historical hospitality to any who wander through it’s doors.

Many of the foods served at events and wars come from historical recipes and almost all come from ingredients found throughout Europe in the Middle Ages.

In addition to doing group food plans, the Gausthaus Kitchen has been known to do vigil spreads, fundraisers for other groups, and inns at smaller events.

Gausthaus Kitchen Needs an Update

Upcoming Inns and Events

Gulf Wars XXIII (2014):


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Pre-War Interest Poll– EXPIRED


Older Events ( for Posterity Purposes)


Pennsic 2013- Menu Plan & Info


Gulf Wars XXII (2013)



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