Gausthaus Kitchen Needs an Update

We are trying to make the Gausthaus Kitchen easier to use and less “modern” to our medieval eyes. The current scheduled Gulf Camprenovations include:

  • Creating a shorter table for the oven/stove combo for better cooking & baking height
  • Creating a jockey/box table combo to hide the kegs and other alcoholic items
  • Create wooden storage boxes to hide the plastic tuperware bins
  • Create a fund to help pay/support kitchen helpers willing to do dishes in exchange for food.
  • Create a fund to help cover cost of more period meal items such as whole roasted pigs

In order to raise funds, we will be selling bake goods or breakfast items at various events. The current schedule includes:

  • Ayreton Carnivale ( Bacon Cinnamon Rolls & Stout Scones)
  • Midrealm Coronation ( final confirmation pending)

If you are a wood worker or other artisan and would like to support the Gausthaus Kitchen and would be willing to construct some of these or other items, please Contact US

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