50 Cordials-Depth Challenge

  1. Spiced Lemon Peel Rum
  2. Spiced Lemon
  3. Dried Versus Fresh Mint Experiment ( really 8 different liquors)
  4. Burnt Sugar “caramel” Liquor (Not Perfected)
  5. Tudor Rose Liquor
  6. Mary Rose Liquor
  7. Rose of York Liquor
  8. Midnight Rose Liquor
  9. Citrus Rose Liquor ( Yet to be named)
  10. Rosemary Fig Liquor– 1st Kingdom A&S Division V: Domestic Arts- Brewing (Other)
  11. Elderberry Mead Liquor- Made for Mistress Sarafina Sinclair’s Pelican Vigil
  12. Purple Rain- Plum Sake Liquor. Made as a gift for the Great Dark Horde
  13. Apricot “amaretto” – FAILURE! Only Liquor I have ever dumped down the sink.
  14. Pomegranate Pepper
  15. Spiced Red Wine Liquor
  16. Pear Sage White Wine Liquor
  17. Distilled Mead Liquor- Made for Mistress Nikolevna’s Laurel Vigil
  18. Lemon Peel Liquor- An early version of limoncello- Citrus in Medieval Beverage Class
  19. Not so “hot” Toddy Liquor- A Whiskey Lemon liquor- Citrus in Medieval Beverage Class
  20. Basic Plum Liquor- Intro to Cordials Class

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