Breadth Challenge – 50 Hoods, Hats, or Head Coverings.

To create 50 Hoods, Hats, or Head Coverings for A&S50. They don’t have to be a new style of hood, but I do have to learn something new with each one.

  1. Brown Flannel Hood with white Intarsia- Lukas Mesmer
  2. Red Company “Ayreton” hood for the Elevation of Sgt. Henry to Baron of Ayreton
  3. Blue “Ayreton” hood with Ayreton Intarsia Stars- Lukas Mesmer
  4. Navy Blue Wool. Blue Embroidered Otter Feet. Brown Applique Otter- Ladyship Phillipa
  5. Navy Blue Wool. Appliqued Falcon- Baron Henry of Exteter
  6. Green wool with purple lining and machine embroidered humming birds.- Lady Isabel of Kent
  7. Green and Black Wool Particolored with Gold Silk Lining. -Lady Elianora
  8. Grey wool with brown silk lining and brown kangaroo fur. -Lady Anne
  9. Blue wool with Blue linen linning. 2 reverse appliqued arrows and 2 embroidered arrows.- Baroness Jane.
  10. Greenwood Hood with Awards- Baron Dougale
  11. Elizabethan Caul.  Gold silk with Green embroidery. Pleated with green seed beads.- Mistress Jocellyn
  12. “Robin Hood” Style hat for Ayreton Female Archers- 8 total made
  13. Wool Felted 13th Century Caps (Blue and Green) made for Ayreton Goon Squad. 4 Made
  14. Wool Hood with Celtic Embroidery- ME
  15. Linen Hood (Purple and Green)-ME
  16. Heraldic Ermine Black Wool Hood with Cutouts and Trim- Lukas Mesmer
  17. White wool hood with dragon machine embroidery- ME
  18.  Creme Hood with Arrow Dags- Aenugus
  19. Wool Hood with Duck Cut-Outs-ME
  20. Greenwood Wool Hood- Lukas Mesmer
  21. Green Hoodlet with Duck Embroidery-ME
  22. Green Linen and Orange Silk 14th century hoodlet- ME
  23. Viking Hood- Sven
  24. Black Viking Dublin hood with orange embroidery-ME

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