Gulf Wars XXIII Food Plan

This year’s meal plan will be $12 ( pre-registration price- $15.00 Post-registration price)  per day per person and will include breakfast and dinner. The meal plan will start Sunday night after setup and will run till Friday dinner.

To RSVP for this plan- please fill out this survey


Breakfast will run from 8:30-9:30 unless otherwise notified or requested. If you have morning obligations that would require breakfast earlier or later, please let me know and we will see if we can work something out

Breakfast includes unlimited coffee ( with creamer & sugar), a vegan baked good, oatmeal, and a protein item.

Vegan Baked Items from scratch (Not Glutton Free)- Pumpkin Muffins, Apple Muffins, Mocha Chips Muffins,Scones, Carrot Raison Muffins

Protein Items (Glutton Free or Glutton Free Alternatives will be available): Scramble, Sandwhiches, Buritos, Scramble, Frittata


Each dinner will include a main meat/protein, fresh baked bread, vegetables and/or fruit, and a dessert.

Sunday– Chili, Cornbread, & Apple Pie or Cobbler What better way to start the war than an enjoying a relaxing ( and filling) meal of Chili & Cornbread. We will have 3 types of chili ( Regular, Spicy, Vegetable/Vegan) with cornbread ( and hot dogs for chili dogs). Dessert will either be apple cobbler or apple pie.

Monday– Pizza, Lentil Soup, Rum Pudding Cake

Our first full day will end with the medieval equivellent of pizza. Handmade dough ( both regular and glutton free/low carb option) and a variety of toppings including fresh herbs, veggies, sausage, ext. Yes, requests will be honored for the different topping combinations. Dessert will be a chocolate rum pudding cake (with the option of extra rum on the side).

Tuesday– Roasted Campfire Chicken, White Bean Soup, Rosemary Focia Bread, and Cheescake.

We will celebrate the first set of battles with Our first full day with homemade focia with roasted chicken and a white bean & roasted garlic soup. Dessert will include a collection of cheescakes including a medieval and a vegan version.

Wednesday– Cabonnade a la Flamande, Pumpkin Soup, Sourdough Bread, Tarts

The most requested item was stew, so Wednesday we will have a meat heavy stew in a ale broth served with fresh sourdough bread. For our vegans we will have a hearty pumpkin soup with spices. Dessert will be a series of tarts ( and maybe a pie thrown in)

Thursday– German Sausages, Roasted Root Vegetables, Potatoe Soup, and filled pastries

Thursday is all about grab and go. Swing by a grab a Glier sausage or bratwurst, some roasted root vegetables and a bowl of hearty potato soup ( a version with bacon also available). Dessert will be an extra special homemade filled pastry, as well as fresh baked cookies that you can take with you to court.

Friday– Kolaches & Cobbler

Kolaches are a Slavic filled pastries. We will start these early and will keep pumping them out till your full. Expect a wide assortment for fillings from sweet to savory. Alongside this will be a huge fresh salad (yeah greens). Anything left in the kitchen will also be cooked, so come hungry. Don’t worry those who don’t do Glutton, I will have a special set just for you ( just let me know what you want in them) Dessert will be a fruit cobbler.


A few notes for those new to my kitchen:

  1. You are responsible for your own dishes. This includes packing feast gear, cutlery, ext. I will have bins with hot soapy water available for cleanup. Please do not store your dishes in my kitchen. Please pack a bowl. We will have plenty of soups and stews this year
  2. You won’t go away hungry. If your still hungry when the food is gone, I will make you more food, just let me know
  3. If you have allergies, please let me know. I will do everything in my power to accommodate you. If I cannot I will let you know.
  4. If you have any scheduling issues, let me know. I will work with you to make sure you are properly fed.
  5. Menu is subject to change based on allergies, change in master schedule, ext.
  6. You can sign-up using the online form between Feb 18th till  March 5th. 1/2 of the meal plan is due by March 6th. The second half of the meal plan money is due on the first day of war.
  7. Payment can be made via credit card, paypal, cash, or check ( in person). Once onsite I can only take cash or credit cards. To pay by credit card- To use pay pal- send the money to email address . Checks can be given in person or mailed ( must be received by March 6th)
  8. I am camping in the Midrealm Encampment. That is also where food will be served.
  9. You are responsible for your own drinks (except morning coffee)
  10. If you are going, but don’t think you can handle the $12 per day for food, email me. Sometimes we are able to work things out in exchange for kitchen chores.
  11. Last Day to Sign up is  March 5th. I need to have your 50% deposit by Thursday March 6th either check in hand or through credit card. After that there is a $3 per day Verena has to recalculate quantities charge ( or a really good bottle of booze)
  12. Children (under 16) are 50% of the adult price. If there are old enough to fight with the adults, they are old enough to eat like them.
  13. ANY questions, just ask. Please.

To RSVP for this plan-

  1. Fill out this reservation form-
  2. 2. Pay
  3. Receive Confirmation

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