The Gausthaus zum Enten is a HRE reenactment household in the SCA. Meaning the “Duck Inn”, the household is dedicated to service, historic arts, and research.

Countries of the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages

Members of the Gausthuas concentrate their research, personas and arts to countries of the Holy Roman Empire during its high period (962-1495*).

Whether it is Art through Service or Service through Art, it is the goal of the Gausthaus to offer historical hospitality to any who wander through it’s doors.

If you find yourself at an event with the Gausthaus zum Enten, take a moment to duck into the Duck Inn and enjoy some medieval food, drink, and good cheer.

*The Holy Roman Empire ran from  962-1806 throughout Central Europe. However in 1495 the Reichstag zu Worms or Diet of Worms set forth a foundation for the reformation of the Empire that would change the structure and environment of the entire Empire.

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