A Baronial Coronet Fit For a Pirate

I like a good challenge, and I like helping out my friends even more. Therefore when good friends who happened to be sitting on the Throne of the Middle Kingdom came to me with a last minute project it was hard to say No.

It turns out, another friend was going to be getting their Court Baronage, and each of the Royals thought the other one had already commissioned the coronet. One week before the event, it was discovered that there was no Coronet for the award.

Below is the photo journal of having one week to design, create, construct, and finish a Court Baronial Coronet of the Middle Kingdom.

Drafting The Midrealm does not have any sumptuary laws concerning Court Baronage Coronets except that they be “of silver with six pearls (spheroids),
ornamented as they see fit.”I don’t know how to work in silver (yet), so I designed the coronet to be made out of leather and large enough to be worn with the recipients hat (he never takes the hat off)
 Transfer to leather  Knowing the recipient, I figured he would commission a beautiful metal court one in the future, so for the design I kept it fun and piratey. I also incorporated the Fleur-delis into the coronet as it is the main element on his device.Here you can see the cut out leather with the beginning stages of the tooled fleurs.
 Placing  Even though the coronet was leather, I wanted to add in some silver elements. Because this was for a pirate coronet I figured I would add in some metal “Pieces of Eight”.As I don’t work in metal I went to my go to metal guy, Kith and commissioned 6 pieces of eight. Kith has come through for me more times than I can count when I have needed some sort of last minute metal projects, I don’t know what I would do without him.
 Bead  For the “pearls” I went to my favorite bead maker Rois (of the Bead Rescue Project). Besides being one of my dearest friends, she also is able to do wonderful beads quickly. She made up 6 pearl like beads (white) each with their own piratey themes to them (flags, treasure chest, parrot). The one in the center of the coronet is a heart for the recipients fighting household who’s device is a heart.Here you see it pictured set inside the tooled and dyed Fleur.
 research  IMG_4952
 An Image of the research done for the custom pieces of eight  And just for a little more historical accuracy  each piece weighs the correct amount for each of the pieces of eight. Yes me and my cohorts are historic nuts and proud of it.
 20120706_231806  An image of the finished waxed coronet with the pirate flag bead set inside the fleur-delis and two of the pieces of eight on either side.The background of the leather was painted a deep burgundy as the recipient wears a LOT of burgundy and black.
 20120706_231857  An image of the custom poured piece of eight
 20120706_232033  The coronet after it was waxed and finsihed and cooling on my head in order to get the correct shape
 20120706_232227  I was not able to go to the event where this was being awarded. Instead I sent it via carrier with the Court Herald. Somehow I randomly had enough pirate fabric in my house to wrap the coronet in.

On this one I need to give a HUGE thanks to both Kith and Rois whom I could not have done this coronet without them. They are not only great artists (whom I abuse way to often by asking for last minute things) but are great friends who bring so much to my life.