Battle of Coleman: The Quest For Better Seating at Events

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614527_10151031266622613_374681278_oThe other day I was showing a friend some photos of the SCA I had on Facebook. She wanted to know about our encampments so I went to these two photos as they were the first to pop up in my feed.399144_10150647473202613_193209125_n

She was impressed by the tents, and than immediately pointed out the camp chairs.

I was mortified, as I am not a fan of “bag camp chairs” . I don’t welcome them under my shade fly ( I usually have enough seating for more visitors), and I have been known to thrown the odd one out after it has been left for an incredibly long period ( 3+ days at Pennsic… yes I asked all my neighbors if it was theirs).

Now granted, the first photo was from a sewing circle I did at Pennsic one year, and the second was a bring your own seating for a meal plan at Gulf. Regardless, the fact that someone pointed this out in my encampment made me feel ashamed.

Fast forward 2 days, and a friend posted some beautiful leatherwork on a camp chair cover on facebook. I was inspired, and wanted to share that inspiration to hide camp chairs with others…. Well that Facebook post has now become notorious, and of course sparked the whole Historically Accurate Campaign.

Therefore what better way to start off by talking about chair coverings.

I heard a lot of reasons why people should be permitted to use the Bag Chairs in camp, including but not limited to:

  • Ease of carrying
  • Non-woodworking skills
  • Limited Carrying Space
  • Comfort Level
  • Cost

I have picked up my little stools for $15, and though they don’t have back support they pack smaller and lighter than most bag chairs. However, until you can get to a war or an event to pick up something similar… why not make a cover for your camp chair.

Below are a few links to articles and patterns other people have created on how to sew a cover for your camp chair:

I will compile images, tutorials, and examples of really good camp chair covers on a pinterest board.  I also created a Facebook Group dedicated to finding better options than the bag chairs for events.

If you end up creating a camp chair cover, please let me know, as I would love to include it in my pinterest board as an inspiration to others.