Good worts! good cabbage!- Merry Wives of Windsor: I, i

To make buttyrd Wortys. Take all maner of gode herbys that ye may gette pyke them washe them and hacke them and boyle them vp in fayre water and put ther to butture clarefied A grete quantite And when they be boylde enowgh salt them but let non Ote mele come ther yn And dyse brede in small gobbetts & do hit in dyshys and powre the wortes A pon and serue hit furth.- Gentyll manly Cokere (MS Pepys 1047)

There are few more forgotten vegetables than our cruciferous friend the cabbage, and even fewer more despised varieties than his little sister the brussels sprout.

I personally love brussels sprouts in all its glorious forms from roasted to sautéed. Therefore I was shocked on my Gulf Wars Poll that so many people disliked this miniature cabbage.

Every year at Gulf Wars I do a version of Corned Beef and Cabbage in homage to St. Patrick’s Day. Though many people don’t like the traditional corned beef and cabbage dish, my version ( with a hefty dose of whatever beer is on tap) has become a much requested item.  This year Gulf Wars is earlier and we will all be home to enjoy Guinness and Irish favorites at our local pubs, so I did not put corned beef and cabbage on the meal.

However, I figured this would be an AMAZING opportunity to highlight the virtues of this glorious vegetable, and maybe change an opinion or two.

Therefore on Tuesday March 11th I am sponsoring a Best in Brussels Sprout Competition.

I will supply 1/2 lb of brussels sprouts ( fresh, not frozen) per entrant. You can use anything in my kitchen that is not being used for dinner, and any ingredients I have in stock. There will be a prize for the best dish as well as tokens from the judges.

You don’t have to be in the food plan to take part ( though I do need to know you if your not camping in the Middle Kingdom Encampment). There will also be a way for people NOT going to Gulf Wars to take part.

As these will be FRESH brussel sprouts, and one of the criteria is that they have to be ready at the same time as dinner, please plan accordingly. If your entering, please let me know, so I can make sure we have enough brussels sprouts. Don’t worry, if you get to site and haven’t RSVPed I’ll have extras.

Though you can use anything I have in stock in your recipe, if there is an ingredient you HAVE to have or a secret ingredient, don’t count on me having it, bring it yourself. I will not add anything other than your brussels sprouts to my shopping list.

The Finer Details

  1. Please reserve your veggies, I will have extras but I don’t want to leave anyone out
  2. If you are submitting at home (and we are cooking) it has to be an original adaptation of a period recipe.-Please include your sources and your original recipe
  3. You do not have to be camped in the Middle Kingdom Encampment
  4. You will be given 1/2 lb ( about 1-2 cups) of veggies
  5. You can cook in my kitchen or yours
  6. You can use anything I have in stock in my kitchen or you can bring your own ingredients
  7. The dish must be done by dinner time, so the judges can try it out prior to eating dinner. Any remaining will be shared amongst participants and dinners in the Middle Encampment.
  8. Rules subject to change or added to as needed.
  9. Have Fun!