Upcoming Middle Eastern Shoes Class

16th Century Ottoman Turkish Felt Shoes

16th Century Ottoman Turkish Felt Shoes

At the Shire of Dark River- 35th Anniversary event! I will be teaching  “Introduction to Middle Eastern Shoes”. The first part of the class will cover examples of extant shoes, two different Middle Eastern styles ( an earlier period Egyptian and a later period Turkish Ottoman), patterns, materials, decoration, and the similarity between Middle Eastern Styles.

The second part of the class will cover how to make either a pair of Egyptian or Ottoman Turkish shoes. For those wishing to make a pattern in class, please bring an old sock ( it will be destroyed) a roll of duct or packing tape, and 2 sheets of wool felt ( or 1/3 yard). There will be  handouts on the documentation of Middle Eastern shoes and how to create a pair of shoes from your pattern.  $1 handout donation.

As an added bonus Baroness Brigid Murchadha will be teaching a Middle Eastern Beginning Embroidery class later in the day, so you can start to decorate your felt shoes.

I will upload both a Middle Eastern Shoes Tutorial and the handouts for this class AFTER the event ( so if you want to put your best foot forward, you should really attend the Shire of Dark River- 35th Anniversary event!