Early period Germanic Shoes- Part 1

So I am assuming the sinew thread on my all purpose leather shoes for SCA wear are tasty… so tasty in fact that my rabbit Fizzgig the Destroyer decided that he needed to nibble on them.  He did not damage them enough that they aren’t wearable or fixable, but it did get me thinking that maybe its time to have a backup.

As my current shoes are generic Middle Ages, and just under half my outfits are 10th century Norse, I figured I really should have a pair of shoes for Viking ( yes, viking as in the verb). This also works out well as I have been updating my Viking wear for Harvest Days where they are doing a Viking Demo (Note, the event is in just under 2 weeks)

10th century shoe. Page 150 from Stepping through time.

After polling friends whether I should do a pair of shoes or boots, it was unanimously decided that I needed boots. This works well as I could use a pair of boots for the slightly wetter events.

I chose a style found in Germany between the 9th-10th centuries as the type of boot I was wanting.

I started out by using the Tape Pattern Method . Unfortunately I wanted the boots to be taller than the socks, so I needed to find some way to wrap the duct tape and not tape my skin. Enter in saran wrap! Worked like a charm, and I am going to start using it in addition to just taping socks.

Here you can see my finished pattern after I traced out the cutting lines with sharpie. You can also see the finished pattern with the SA added to it.

I had a nice heavier green leather that I wanted to use, but when I pulled it out, I did not have as much left as I remembered. I really wanted dark green boots, so I figured I would piece the leather. ( You can see the whole piecing process by clicking on the picture which will take you the construction journal)