Hand Sewing References

I am just finishing up my class notes for my Norse Seam Treatment Class for Gulf Wars. I have numerous extra references /links for the Norse embroidery elements and for the seam treatments. I did not have that many extra links for generic hand sewing tutorials ( for the straight stitch, putting the garments together). Not wanting to skim over this area, I went to the hive brain and Facebook to see if any friends had any recommendations- needless to say they did not let me down.

Here are the collection of handsewing links and tutorials:

I would also like to send a big thank you to Mistress Radegund von Lutra ( Goddess and go to lady for ANYTHING migration period), Barones Cathryn of Chester ( another Goddess, this time of anything Anglo-Saxon), Sir Cellach macChormach ( a man who really knows his stuff about the 14th century), and His Lordship Ian the Green ( my go to scribal research man, and fellow once upon a time Westie)