Gulf Wars Class Schedule

Below are the classes I will be teaching at Gulf Wars:
As always, please check the site booklet and class boards for the most up-to-date information

Beginning Shoemaking: Eastern Felt Shoe Making LECTURE ONLY

    Introduction to Middle Eastern Shoes: Come learn what shoes your Middle Eastern Persona would wear. First part of the class will cover documentation and extant examples (mostly Turkish and Egyptian), as well as social and religious customs. Second part of the class, participants can learn how to pattern their own Middle Eastern Shoes with instructions on how to make them out of felt or leather. Class fee $5 covers handouts and materials to pattern shoes.

  • Location: Al-Mahala Middle Eastern Area
  • Time: Friday 1:00PM
  • Length: 2 Hours
  • Class Fee: $5
  • Class Limit: 25
  • Under 14 with a parent only.

Beginning Shoemaking: Eastern Felt Shoe Making. HANDS ON

    A hands-on workshop to make a pair of wool felt shoes or boots worn in both the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Techniques taught in class can then be used for most other shoes or boots worn throughout the SCA time period. Should expect to work on shoes on own time to finish by end of war.

  • Location: Textile 1
  • Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10am – 11am
    1. Monday Class 1: General Shoes Pattern Making
    2. Tuesday Class 2: Cutting, Sewing, and Decorations
    3. WEDS-OFF
    4. Thursday Class 3: Sewing (part 2)
    5. Friday Class 4: Finishing
  • Class Fee: $30 for boots & $20 for shoes. Cost covers all materials (felt, soles, needles, thread, handout)
  • Class Limit: 14
  • Ages 12 and up (12-17 with parent)

Funny little cordial

    A look into the properties of humors in brewing: Medieval food and drinks were chosen and arranged based on their “humors”, a classification system of hot to cold and moist to dry that was thought to influences their temperament and health. Class will cover the classification of typical medieval beverages such as ales, beers, wines and mead as well as how to create a personalized cordial based on a desired humor. Over 21 Only. $5 for handout and samples

  • 1 hour
  • Over 21.
  • $5 for handout and samples

History of Drinking: common medieval drinks

    A look at the history of drinks, especially those in the between 3rd-16th centuries and how they affected society and culture. Class will include samples (and recipes) of the most common drinks found in the Middle Ages ( and in the SCA). No instruction on brewing provided. Over 21 Only. $5 for handout and samples

  • 1 and 1/2 hours
  • $5 for handout and samples
  • Ages 21 and up

Upcoming Middle Eastern Shoes Class

16th Century Ottoman Turkish Felt Shoes

16th Century Ottoman Turkish Felt Shoes

At the Shire of Dark River- 35th Anniversary event! I will be teaching  “Introduction to Middle Eastern Shoes”. The first part of the class will cover examples of extant shoes, two different Middle Eastern styles ( an earlier period Egyptian and a later period Turkish Ottoman), patterns, materials, decoration, and the similarity between Middle Eastern Styles.

The second part of the class will cover how to make either a pair of Egyptian or Ottoman Turkish shoes. For those wishing to make a pattern in class, please bring an old sock ( it will be destroyed) a roll of duct or packing tape, and 2 sheets of wool felt ( or 1/3 yard). There will be  handouts on the documentation of Middle Eastern shoes and how to create a pair of shoes from your pattern.  $1 handout donation.

As an added bonus Baroness Brigid Murchadha will be teaching a Middle Eastern Beginning Embroidery class later in the day, so you can start to decorate your felt shoes.

I will upload both a Middle Eastern Shoes Tutorial and the handouts for this class AFTER the event ( so if you want to put your best foot forward, you should really attend the Shire of Dark River- 35th Anniversary event!