Roman Celebration of Gods

While putting my schedule together for Gulf Wars, I was perusing the main schedule and noticed that the Gulf Wars Known World Party was “Roman Celebrations of Gods”.  I know no one is required to wear particular clothing to a Known World Party, but it is super spiffy when they do.

Now this is where people who know me start to snicker, and some probably even snort. See I known many Romans, am currently dating one, and have adopted many. I have made some male Roman outfits, and am even teaching a Roman Shoe class at Gulf this year.

However I have been purposely NOT wearing anything Roman since I began primarily hanging out with a bunch of Romans starting last year, for to many reasons to list here.

Here lies why it is potentially humorousness of me actually thinking of making a set of Roman wear for Gulf.

Luckily I have some friends who have some incredibly stunning female Roman garb so I asked for some links/references ( plus 1 amazing link from my previous Roman male research)

From the Republic of An Crosaie Project, it looks like I need ( though I kinda want to wear a Toga Muliebris, just for the humor aspect, but I don’t think it would be appropriate to wear that with my coronet)  :

  • Supparus (Subucula, or Indusium) – Under-gown; for warmth and to protect the Tunica layer.  (potentially optional as I know I would want to do a gap sleeve tunica)
  • Tunica Talaris – Ankle or floor length gown worn by women and girls. Colored… NOT White!
  • Cingulum – Belt. worn at the high waist or under the bust and tied with a “Hercules Knot”.
  • Palla – Long, rectangular length of cloth ( 5 yards);  brightly colored and often patterned, can be fringed.

I am on the fence about the Stolla, as it is supposed to be for a married female, and I am not.

I figured I would “try” to make myself ( and possibly a girlfriend) a set of Roman wear. If I get it done, I can pack it for Gulf and then decide from there if I will wear it or not. It can never hurt to have another outfit for a war.